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"More than 200 Britons," over a two-year period, were to join TEA. Among them was Colin Townsend who sends this photo from "an unknown newspaper of September 1964," featuring some 18 of the 60 who were about to depart. Colin suggests: "Might be fun to put names to people. I am on the far left."

Clive Mann's reply:   Thanks for this Colin. In the departure photo, from left,

1. CT [Colin Townsend]   2. Martin Wyatt   3.?Bart Stewart   4. ?   5. Richard White   6. ?   7. Margaret Waller   8. ?   9. Ian tilling   10. ?   11. Roger Wigglesworth RIP   12. Mike Boulton   13. Alex Fleming   14. Dave Smith   15. Clive Lovelock   16. ?me [Clive Mann]   17. ?Richard Hill  

Homecoming: full-size photo followed by legible text.

Miss Kay Puttock and Mr. Colin Townsend, two of the graduate student teachers who arrived in Mombasa on Sunday aboard the Union-Castle liner s.s. Rhodesia Castle, were educated in East Africa.

Miss Puttock was at school in Tanganyika at Kongwa and later at St. Michael's and St. George's, Iringa before she left for Leicester University and Mr. Townsend was at the Prince of Wales School Nairobi, before he went to London University.

As a matter of interest Mr. Townsend's brother Norman, was a member of the first group of graduate teachers to go to Makerere University College two years ago and is now teaching in Kisumu.

They were met (right) at Mombasa by Mr. Geoff Grubb of the British High Commission in Mombasa who is seem in the picture. Mrs. Harbottle a lecturer at Makerere University College who was in charge of the party is also in the photograph.

Lower Photo: Some of the members of the party, who are to work in East Africa, are seen receiving their travelling vouchers from Mrs. Harbottle.